I'm Captured!

It is about time to switch again!

When I started photography, Apple's Aperture seemed to be an excellent choice for RAW processing and for archive management. Having the ability to sync albums to my iPhone was a great feature I thought I couldn't live without. Unfortunately, Apple's decision to pull the plug forced me to look elsewhere, and I ended up with Lightroom. Lightroom was great and is still great for certain tasks.

One system I use for my street photography is Fujifilm-X, apparently most users consider Lightroom isn't the ideal software to handle the Fuji RAF files. With Adobe moving to cloud-based recently, I thought it might be time for me to look for alternative. The first name that pops up was Capture One!

Switching software is never easy! So far I have tried a few Fuji RAF files, the outcome is quite good! Can I live without Fujifilm's film simulations from Lightroom? I wish Capture One will incorporate the popular Fujifilm film simulations in the next upgrade.

So here are a few samples!